New Sculptures by Geoff Bonney
New Sculptures by Geoff Bonney

Presented by Anvil Studio:

Carved & Painted wooden sculptures of men and women from small to tall.

'... they wear the detritus of being human with a formidable presence. Grotesque, ridiculous, vain, dignified; we find ourselves exposed in these sculptures.'

Influenced by indigenous Aboriginal wood carvers, primitive African sculptures, Picasso and Paul Klee ... with a lot of Bonney humour thrown in.

Geoff Bonney has spent 50 years working as a visual artist in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Spain and Morocco. HIs work is represented in public collections in Australia & Internationally, and in private collections throughout the world.


Geoff Bonney Website

IDentity Short Film Project
IDentity Short Film Project

In Jan/Feb 2017 Anvil Productions collaborated with Short Black Films and young people from Mount Isa to develop the IDentity Short Film Project and Festival.

Watch the films below

Yuki Man

Deckers Trail

Man About Town

This is my life

Adventure Bound

Actors Play

You can change yourself


EXPANDED CINEMA: An evening salon of film, art & performance. Cinema expanded as art and performance, reflected in the glow of the screen.
EXPANDED CINEMA: An evening salon of film, art & performance. Cinema expanded as art and performance, reflected in the glow of the screen.



Joanne Davis                                         

Sarah Lloyd                                              

Erin McCuskey

Mark Pedersen                                         

Justin Batchelor

Brigid Burke

Presented by Anvil Productions in collaboration with:

Yum Studios



Chailight Productions



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A forbidding town, an unforgiving climate…a glimpse into the lives of three rurally isolated women all wrestling with the HERE of heart, mind and place.   


Written by Rebecca Lister

Director and Dramaturge Terence Jaensch

With Joanne Davis, Annie Lumsden and Donna Steven

Sound design – Michael Roper

Lighting design – Jessica Cornish

Set design – Robert Kelty

I really loved HERE…it seems to be rarer and rarer that you see work with aesthetic and conceptual integrity.  The simplicity and humanity of the content and telling of the stories was really satisfying.  The performers all did a wonderful job.  I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy it…a beautiful show. Megan - audience member

HERE - bloody magnificent pieces, fabulous writing, and of course I love it because there were actual real live women being represented on the stage, too rare.  Marianna - audience member

Really really enjoyed HERE, love the silences and the delicate connections across them, very subtle, but so effective. Penny, writer and audience member

Many thanks for a lovely piece of theatre last night. We were immersed in the world of those 3 women and their community right, from the start. Such an eloquent stripped back script – so much more seemed to be said with so few words. Moving performances –each one of them with a different but compelling energy. Congratulations to all involved. This is what a night of theatre is meant to feel like. Jill & Robin - audience members

This project was supported by the City of Melbourne 2015 Arts Grants Program.

PHOTO:  Pier Carthew

Betrayal in a Valentino Frock
Betrayal in a Valentino Frock

Red lipped haute couture, bursting at the seams.
A woman is cocooned in the veils she keeps. Or is she?
Does she watch from within or tangle & betray herself?

Created by Joanne Davis, Sarah Lloyd, Justin Batchelor, and Eve Klein


Am I Happy Yet?
Am I Happy Yet?

A poignant and humorous exploration of western society’s obsession with happiness and the consequent pathologising of sadness by Rebecca Lister, Joanne Davis and Sarah Lloyd.

In December of 2012 Lister, Davis and Lloyd worked together on the development of phase one of Am I Happy Yet? using an intensive ‘hothouse’ model in order to work quickly and under pressure to develop the first script. 

This script was then showcased to community members and industry peers. 

What the audience said:

Challenging, got under your skin.

'It stayed in my head, on top of everything for a couple of days,, very strong'

Absolutely brilliant!

I feel “Normal”.

Emotionally engaging.

Very real.

Phase two (2016) will explore all feedback received from the public showing in order to assist with the further development of the script.  A full draft of the work will be completed and designed to incoporate a soundscape artist.  Funding will be sought to produce & tour the final work (2017). 

Supported by the City of Ballarat

IMAGE:  Sarah Lloyd

Bits And Pieces
Bits And Pieces

Tagline: How do we respond when a mother challenges the status quo and leaves her child?

Short Synopsis: Joy has decided to leave her husband and child.  Her husband is shocked, her mother disbelieving and her sister sanctimonious. With comedy and pathos, Bits and Pieces explores four perspectives of one mother’s decision to leave. You’ll laugh, cry and relate.

Written By: Rebecca Lister            

Directed By: Terry Jaensch

Performed by: Joanne Davis, Michael Treloar, Beverley Geldard and Rebecca Lister

Everybody has a mother, knows a mother or perhaps is a mother.  How we are mothered is often seen as imperative to how we develop and see ourselves in the world.  In most societies ‘mother’ is revered.  Whilst many rejoice in their role as mother, for others it can produce great ambivalence. 

Short Review: I found myself both moved and surprised by Bits and Pieces.  The clever structuring of four monologues slowly & simultaneously weaves together and unravels a complex patchwork of story, character, psychology and emotion that radiates from one central action.  Bits and Pieces is challenging, engaging, humorous, bleak, warm and shattering.  Catherine Ryan, Playwright and Theatre Maker, January 2014

Supported by Mount Alexander Shire Council


Stories of those on the margins -  commissioned work for Jesuit Social Services annual dinner.

Written by Rebecca Lister, performed by Joanne Davis with video projection by Renata Botelho.

Videos from the production can be found at this link.

Supported by Jesuit Social Services

Foxholes of the Mind
Foxholes of the Mind

by Bernard Clancy

Frank is a war veteran.  He's an angry, disturbed man dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  His long suffering wife, Trish has had a gutful.  It's crunch time.  Get help or get out!

A production of power and eloquence ... the most potent anti-war play I have seen.  Ever.          Colin Mockett, Entertainment Geelong

Directed by Wolf Heideker.  Produced by Larrikin Theatre.

Cast: Joanne Davis, Peter Finlay, Victor Gralak, Maureen Hartley, David Lih & Adrian Mulraney.

Image: courtesy of Graham Hartley





Empty Chair
Empty Chair

Joanne Davis worked as dramaturge on 'Empty Chair', in collaboration with Andrew McSweeney (Living Music) & Urban Communities.  

'It felt so raw and real, I was really moved'

'that was so funny, and at times and I was close to tears'

Supported by the City Of Melbourne.