Do you suffer from resting bitch face?  Do you know someone who does?  Have you ever judged a woman as ‘stuck up, cold, or angry’ because of her resting features?  Why are unsmiling women thought to be bitches?  Why is there such societal obligation to conform and please others?

Welcome to RBF - a new project by Rebecca Lister, Joanne Davis, Cathy Hunt, Ashton Sly and Cait Spiker.

Metanoia Theatre 2015



‘always entertaining, never didactic’  Shane Grant, Metanoia Theatre.

'So arresting; the language, the form - in the round, where we, the audience, were so implicated in the work, because of course the concept of 'resting bitch face' is all about the viewer. I'd love to see where this could go'  Hallie Shellam – actor, director, theatre maker.